Students who seek admission from outside Kandivali District must produce the Transfer Certificates, countersigned by proper district education authorities.Pupil who seek admission in the School must produce his/her Birth Certificate issued by the municipal authorities or a Baptism Certificate (for Catholics), along with his/her Transfer Certificate. Irrespective of the time of admission, fees will be charged from the beginning of the academic session. No pupil will be admitted in any class higher than that for which the Transfer Certificate shows him/her to be eligible, nor will he/she be granted out of turn promotions.

1. Students are normally admitted into the KG section of the School. The minimum age required for admission into KG classes is three and half years.

2. Before a pupil admitted into the School, admission form must be duly filled in and signed by the parent or guardian.

3. The candidate has to seek fresh admission into class I, even if a student has completed his/her pre-primary section of the School.

4. The student who comes on transfer will be admitted into the school only when she/ he provide a valid Transfer Certificate from the previous school.

5. Pupils are not admitted to the higher classes until they have been tested. The right to admit the student to those classes for which they have been found fit is entirely reserved with the School authorities.

6. Parents/Guardians should take great care while filling the correct DATE OF BIRTH of the child as this will not be changed later at any cost.

7. If a student has to be withdrawn, Transfer Certificate will be issued on a request in writing by the parent. In the addition Rs.50/- will be charged as TC. Fee. The School office requires at least 24 hours providing a valid TC.

8. Transfer Certificate will be issued to the students only when all dues to the School have been paid.